Holy Update, Batman!

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Wow, it’s been awhile and I’ve been not lazy, but busy.  Quentin has grown so much and he just amazes me every day with what he’s learning, so I figured that I better write some stuff down!

First of all, I should update his stats for posterity… At Quentin’s 12 month check-up he weighed 18 lbs 14 oz (4%), he was 28.75 inches tall (17%), and had an 18.5 inch head circumference (67%).

At his 18 month check-up he weighed 21 lbs 14.5 oz (6%), he was 31.5 inches tall (26%), and his head is still huge at 19.5 inches (90%). I’m hoping that his head will slow down so he isn’t doomed to be the leader (from the Hulk comics).

Stats aside, Quentin is doing really well.  He’s so chill.  He’s laid back and go with the flow mostly.  He started walking at about 13 months old taking his steps on June 26, 2012.  He was off from there.

In the past few months the big developments have been around more walking and moving things, like driving his car and 4-wheeler (all manual and moved by feet) and learning to play his xylophone and Charlie’s harmonica, as well as talking. He has all of his teeth, with the exception of his 2-year molars.

He has so many words that he’s working on saying.  Not all of them are perfectly clear, but he can say so much now.  I will try to list them below, but I’ll probably miss some.

Words: Mama, Dada, Kitty, Dog, Ollie, Elliot, Nya, Grandma (he mostly says MMMMama, instead of Mama), Papa, Nana, hat, fan, cheese, ball, block, turtle, grilled cheese, thank you, hi, bye, tiger, juice, booboo, butter (meaning butterfly), up, on, owl, fox, baby, apple, hulk, cookie, boat

He also signs “more”, “please”, and “food.”

When either Charlie and I are gone Quentin asks for the missing parent and he will send kisses through the phone to us, including on videos that we send each other of Quentin.

Today I got frustrated because I wasn’t feeling great and Quentin came over to me and tried to make me feel better, which he was easily able to do.  He showed caring and empathy to me.  He’s growing up okay!

He loves to watch hockey (and the zamboni that cleans the ice), “riding” on motorcycles (especially the actual ride-on one that Papa and Grandma got him for Christmas), tigers, dancing, reading, Mama’s coin belt (for dancing), and Elmo. He also loves his new Kitty, Brandybuck (known as Bucky) that we rescued a few month ago!

His current favorite books are Soft Shapes My Fire Truck (it has pull out pieces and he loves to carry around the dog), the Gossie and Friends board books (it’s a set of 5), Little Quack Counts, and his animal books.

He and Oliver are starting to really get along.  They missed each other over Christmas break and have been having fun playing together these past few days. Speaking of Christmas, Quentin had a great Christmas.  He got so many new toys to play with including puzzles, a marble (over-sized) track, helmets, lots of blocks, musical instruments,and quite a few books.  His favorite toys he received were a giant plush tiger from Santa, a motorcycle from Grandma and Papa, his marble track from Mr. Nick and Miss Julie, and his train set from Nana.

I’m sure there is so much more to mention, but I can’t think of it all, especially since I’ve been lazy with this blog. Hopefully I’ll continue to update slightly more regularly.


Our family at Christmas


Exploring the snow!


Quentin loves his Tiger!


My little lover boy!


1 year old.

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What a difference a year makes!

Quentin is officially 1 year old (plus a week or so).  I started this entry on June 4, but keep getting sidetracked… especially since it’s hard to type with a squirmy little man in your arms.

Last post I mentioned that he had been sleeping poorly, then he cut two of his molars and things got better… They did, for about 2 days.  He cut his third molar yesterday and has his fourth on it’s way.  He’s also got his last lateral incisor on the way.  Needless to say, naps have been short and sleeping has been trying. In addition to the teething I’m pretty sure he’s trying to go to one nap, but he’s so exhausted and tired, that he still needs two.

11 (plus some) Months old!

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11 months and feelin’ fine.

So, I kept meaning to write this post, but I’ve been dreadfully busy (and lazy). However, I did get Quentin’s picture done on time. Quentin had a very busy month and a half.  We had birthday parties, Easter, and other fun events! Quentin got to go to birthday parties for his Grandma, cousin Nya, cousin Isaac, friend Kodi, and his Great-Uncle Pete.  He celebrated his first Easter with his very own baby-sized Easter egg hunt.  Inside each egg was fruity cheerios or goldfish.  He found 6 eggs and ate what was inside each one before moving onto the next. Continue reading ’11 (plus some) Months old!’

10 Months Old!

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10 Months Old!!

Well then, welcome to 10 months, Mr. Q! We started off his 10 month “birthday” weekend (March 31st) with a trip over to Daddy’s side of the state to visit Nana.  Nana’s birthday was on the April 1st and this was a great chance to visit with her.  While we were there Mr. Q stood up from sitting at his stand-up activity center.  Nana was so excited that he chose that weekend to have a first.   Since the 31st he has done it 4 more times.  Yay Quentin! Continue reading ’10 Months Old!’


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9 months on location in Maryland!

This month, on the first, my boy turned 9 months old.  I’ve now kept him alive for over 3/4ths of a year. (At 9.5 months, where we are now, he’s 80% of a year.) Wow!

Since I last wrote he has grown so much… although not so much in weight.  We went to the doctors today for his well-child visit and got measured.  The doctor said that he has the most beautiful brown eyes and is so social.  Continue reading ‘Three-Quarters.’

New Teeth and an Upcoming Trip

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Quentin has had an off week.  Last Thursday we woke up in the middle of the night and Quentin was suffering from his first stomach bug.  Charlie got the full brunt of it and got thrown up on 3 times throughout the night.  The next morning he was suffering, but we made it through the day.  He was still a little off all weekend, but he was feeling better.  I noticed Saturday (the 11th) that his 4th tooth finally broke the gums.  He’s not far from number 5 though, there is a white spot on the top row where his 5th tooth is straining to break through and help him eat.

Currently we are preparing for Quentin’s first BIG road trip.  We will be taking some time at the end of the month to go and visit some friends of ours.  So, expect a late 9 month entry!

8 Months or 2/3rds of a year!

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8 Months Old!

My boy has made it to 8 months.  Yay!  He’s getting so big.  This month he’s starting to feel more solid, so he’s definitely gaining some weight. We don’t get an official weight check until next month though.  Quentin is a lot more solid as a sitter now.  I still usually keep pillows behind him because he forgets that he shouldn’t throw himself down.  He loves just sitting and playing.  He also loves to watch his Daddy juggle for him.  Just yesterday he was trying to juggle by moving his hands up and down.  Unfortunately, by the time I got out the camera, he wasn’t doing it as well as before, but isn’t that always the way. Continue reading ‘8 Months or 2/3rds of a year!’