Funky Dream – #1

So, I’m pretty sure I had my first really weird pregnancy dream last night.  My dream involved me giving birth not to a human, not to a monkey (like my mom dreamed many times while pregnant), but to a boatload of snakes.  The image is probably burned into my brain, and I don’t really like it.  I’ve never really wanted to watch a live birth video anyway… I figure that my head is on this side of my body for a reason and I’ll leave the rest up to my capable doctors… but still watching me give birth to tons of snakes is not okay.

To add to the creepiness of this dream I’m not a huge fan of snakes.  I think they look cool and they’re fun to take pictures of, but I don’t really want them on me… If they are out of a cage I want them with someone who know what they are doing with them… anyhow… it was a funky dream… and hopefully not a recurring one at that.


~ by littleredcera on January 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Funky Dream – #1”

  1. Don’t watch The Fly with Jeff Goldblum.

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