BBQ clearly enjoys chocolate… at least, that’s what I’m finding this morning.  I normally don’t feel many kicks in the morning, probably because they aren’t very strong yet and I’m moving around so much, but this morning, whoah baby!

I came into school really early (really early only because of a 2 hour delay that I heard about way too late) and found 5 chocolates in my mailbox.  I opened up two of them and ate them right away.  (They were Dove chocolates.)  About 10 minutes later, he started kicking and kicking and kicking.  I probably felt about 5 strong kicks before he was done.  It was nice to connect with him this morning… and I’ve still got 3 chocolates left… 🙂

My dove messages this morning were: “You know what? You look good in red.” and “Take a moment, enjoy what you have.”  Very fitting today.  I’m wearing red (to honor a friend who passed away over the weekend) and It was wonderful taking a moment to appreciate those kicks.


~ by littleredcera on January 24, 2011.

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  1. Cue a happy dance!

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