Check-up Time!

So today, in the middle of our snow day, I had my 22 week appointment for the baby.  Charlie and I decided to walk to the doctor’s because there was very little point in actually driving… our road was last plowed sometime early in the morning so there is snow everywhere.  I figured the walk would be okay because it’s mostly uphill going to the doctor’s so it would be mostly downhill on the way back…

I called the office earlier in the day and asked if I could come in early.  I usually set my appointments so I have to miss as little school as possible. They had an opening about 2 hours earlier than my appointment, so I took it!  When we got in we found out that my blood pressure is great and when the doctor measured BBQs fundal height it was right on the money at 22 cm.  His heartbeat was 163, which was up from the earlier 152 at our first heartbeat check, and 150 at the ultrasound, but 163 is still perfectly normal, so I’m happy.

The plan for tonight is pictures, food, and more yoga.  Since buying the yoga block and strap, it’s much easier to do than it was when I first got it!


~ by littleredcera on February 2, 2011.

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