Illness can’t keep me down…

…but I should probably let it… This weekend was a lot of fun/horrible.  First the fun.  Charlie and I drove 3 hours to see his sisters and nieces who we haven’t seen in 9 years.  We also got to meet his youngest niece who is 7.  I wasn’t feeling my best, but I figured I was okay.  By the end of our visit I could barely talk, but was still so glad we went.  We hopped back into the car and drove 2 hours to Charlie’s mom’s house, where I was pretty much dying. The next day I spent my day like a lump, just relaxing…  We drove back last night and I’m feeling better, but still pretty bad.  I t seems to be just a bad cold… but being pregnant and not using Nyquil is not cool. The best part about today was that we made a big purchase.  We bought BBQ’s crib/changing table.  It was originally $500, but we got it for $200 from JC Penney.  Score.

Our First Big Purchase!

Our first big purchase!

The main reason that we went down to visit Charlie’s sisters and their families was two-fold.  Number 1: We hadn’t seen them in 9 years, and we hadn’t even met one of them.  The other reason was because of one of our nieces, Shana, who is 9 days older than me, is even further along in her pregnancy (her second) than I am.  So we went down for a little baby shower.  My only regret about going? Not meeting my two great-nieces… but hopefully they’ll be able to come up for my shower in May!

The two mamas and Charlie!



~ by littleredcera on February 21, 2011.

4 Responses to “Illness can’t keep me down…”

  1. Sorry you are feeling so crappy. That shirt you’re wearing looks so familiar…

  2. I loved that shirt. It was the only one I paid full price for!!

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