A pregnant woman's dream?

I find that I haven’t really had many cravings during this pregnancy, although one question I get asked a lot is, “Craved any weird things?”  Nope… anything that I would say that I’ve craved has been pretty normal… Let’s see, I’ve craved Milk, Cheese, Pretzels, Orange Juice, and Hummus.  All things I normally enjoy.  Also, I maintain that the hummus wasn’t a real craving… I only wanted it because BBQ was the size of a chickpea at the time… Charlie says I have to count it though.

Anyway… the point of this post was to post a funny picture and to explain what I did… You see, there are some crazy stereotypes or ideas of pregnant women that make me laugh.  Yesterday I cooked lunch in the kitchen with no socks and no shoes on… I was barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.  It made me laugh.

Today, Charlie and I visited a friend and we were trying out some of her homemade pickles… and as I  was eating some she remembered that she had some ice cream in the fridge, so as a joke (not as a craving) she gave me a spoonful and I had Pickles and Ice Cream at the same time… I expected it to be disgusting, but really the ice cream just toned down the flavor of the pickles a bit.

Anyhow, so that’s two pregnant cliches down… anyone else got one I can tackle?


~ by littleredcera on February 27, 2011.

3 Responses to “Cravings…”

  1. Crazy hormones that make you wildly emotional. I don’t think you’ve had enough tearful outbursts over minor things I’ve done yet.

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