Nursery Update

We decided to take the one room with a hideous floor and turn it into our nursery for BBQ.  The floor, when we moved in, had been painted purple at one point.  A dark, not for hardwood floors, purple.  The previous owner to us had mentioned that most of the floors in the house had been painted, including the kitchen which had been painted white with yellow and blue dinner-plate sized circles.  She redid all the floors, with the exception of what we lovingly referred to as, “The Purple Room.”  in addition to the purple floor,  the room also has light lavender walls.  Not for long though, not for long.

This past weekend, Charlie rented a drum sander and my Dad came over to help him (along with my big brother Bryan).  The first step to changing this into a room for BBQ was to get rid of the purple floor.  It’s not completed at this point, Charlie still has some touch-up work to do, but the results so far were amazing!

Next steps include 3 coats of poly on the new floors… and then paint!






~ by littleredcera on March 28, 2011.

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  1. Outstanding!

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