31 Weeks…5 days…

I’m back off track with pictures… but I guess that’s life.  Right now, I’m working on my last week before spring vacation, which is wonderful.  I can’t wait to sleep in a bit longer (which is about 8:00 right now), which I know won’t last once the baby is here, but I need to enjoy it while I can… In other news, it’s finally starting to get nice here in Vermont.  Today I saw green grass peeking out from the brown grass.  I love when color starts to flood the world again.  However, I’m quite annoyed that the first plants that started to peek up from my lawn were destroyed today while I was gone on my walk… They were resilient last year through a snowstorm, I hope they can rebound again…

So, just for fun I started a little baby pool for BBQ… You can make a guess about when he’ll be here, and how big he’ll be… you can also guess his gender… but I’m still quite sure that he’s a boy… http://www.expectnet.com/games/BBQpool


2 more months to go!

Artsy shot of the week...


~ by littleredcera on April 11, 2011.

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