33 Weeks… and 4 Days…

Will I ever get back on track?  We’ll see…

Also, Happy Easter and such… Things are still going well, although sleeping is getting harder… poor Charlie has to deal with me grunting when I try to move during the night… too bad I can’t stay in one position all night.  He’s dealing with it all like a champ however.

One thing that I find annoying about maternity clothing so far is that long dresses are WAY too long… The dress I’m wearing in most of my pictures this week is a dress I bought from Target.com and in order to not trip on it all the time I needed to have it taken up a bit (and I did so myself poorly…).  Also, when I say “a bit”, I mean 2.5 inches… and it still skims the ground a bit.  It’s awful! I still like the dress though..

I got some more work done in the nursery this week… with the help of my mother, but she has persuaded me not to share the pictures until we finish this step… This step is the painting step… so far we have the main color up… next is trim, and then the accent colors… I can’t wait to share!

Now… on to the pictures…

33 weeks, 4 days...

This dress makes me look HUGE!

Me on black!

Loading...Please Wait...


~ by littleredcera on April 24, 2011.

4 Responses to “33 Weeks… and 4 Days…”

  1. Less than two months to go!

  2. Love that last shirt, that’s so neat. Maternity clothes seem annoying but you’re nearly done now! 🙂

    • Some clothes aren’t that bad… I just hate to spend so much money when I really will only wear it for so long… Luckily I borrowed some clothes from a couple of awesome friends.

  3. I love the loading shirt!!

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