34 weeks, 4 days!

How did week 34 go for me? Pretty darned good. (Also, Charlie is a man who spends way too much time correcting me.) On Thursday I was supposed to be tutoring some 5th graders from my school when a meeting was called for the tutors… of course, that was all a lie, I walked into the meeting to find a surprise baby shower with many of my coworkers. It was really nice. I’m hoping to get some pictures soon from that. I got so much nice stuff from my coworkers. I will have to take some pictures as soon as it all gets put into the room.

In addition to that Charlie and I painted the trim in the room, started in on closet, and put together the crib… We still need to get the mattress, but things are starting to look good.

Pictures from the week are below:

34 weeks, 4 days!

The Belly!

Getting so big now!

A little Superhero Reading...


~ by littleredcera on May 2, 2011.

One Response to “34 weeks, 4 days!”

  1. Aw that’s so sweet that they threw you a surprise baby shower! And yay another week down.

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