37 weeks, 5 days.

So, in not so interesting news, I hate car seats.  Actually getting them to fit and be properly attached in a pain in the butt.

I’m starting to get really worn down, but am still going at life the best I can.  I got a lot done at work to help be ready for work to end for me this weekend and I’m really trying to stay on top of things so that I don’t fall behind in the next week or so.  My sub starts shadowing me next Tuesday and then I’m done, as long as I don’t go earlier.  My biggest problem right now… the car seat.  The one I liked and got for my baby shower only fits in the center of the backseat if the front seats are pushed up to the point of being extremely uncomfortable for both the driver and passenger.  A friend gave me her sons, and it doesn’t fit behind the passenger and I can’t get it to properly attach to the middle… We’ll have to hope we can figure that out soon.

We’ve also, in the past weeks, mostly finished up the nursery… there will be a few more touches, but it’s just about ready for BBQ.

Pictures… oh yes, I’ve got pictures…

Crib w/ letters

The proper definition for our son...

Bookshelf and curtains... My mom made the curtain.

37 Weeks, 5 days

Almost there...

Bigger and bigger...


~ by littleredcera on May 23, 2011.

3 Responses to “37 weeks, 5 days.”

  1. I am loving your nursery.. it’s really gorgeous!

  2. That is an awesome definition! 🙂

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