Any day now…

I’m feeling like my little guy could be here any day now.  He’s definitely lower and making it harder for me to walk.  He’s causing some lower back pain and getting me ready for the real deal… I’m ready now, BBQ.  Come on out and meet me!

My classroom is getting unbearably hot now.  While 86 degrees doesn’t seem that hot to people down in Texas or Florida, 86 is brutal for me up here in Vermont when I’m NOT 9 months pregnant. Tomorrow is our all-school celebration and it will be spent mostly outside… luckily I’ve got some the best coworkers in the world who are going to help me out so I can take breaks as needed.

I’m also lucky because Charlie and I got invited over to use my family member’s pool today.  It was so nice just to walk around in the cool water and forget about the heat for awhile.  I’m sure I’ll be using that pool again this summer… 🙂

We got the air conditioner in today.  It’s not the strongest (when it was bought it was for just one small room, but hopefully it should help me sleep a little better tonight, when I’m not up to use the bathroom anyway…


~ by littleredcera on May 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “Any day now…”

  1. Aw I hope he gets here soon. And yup, it’s in the 90s this week, supposed to hit 101 on Thursday. Ugh.

  2. i thought i was the only one who was desperated to have an air conditioner.. yeah it feels way hotter. i kept sweating, and i hate it. before i got married, i live in a higer and colder place. but now i live near the beach and the weather is killing me. (i don’t understand why i hate it because i used to love Beaches…

    so, quentine is here now? congratz…!!!

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