On Independence Day, Friends, and Baseball

My Family

Finally, on the 4th of July, I got my first family picture of the 3 of us… the problem with being a photographer (not professional, mind you…) is that you’re usually behind the camera, so it’s hard to get pictures like this. Charlie is doing a great job of remembering to pick up the camera every once in awhile, but then he’s behind the camera, so we still couldn’t get a shot like this.  My dad took this shot for me though, and I’m really glad that he did.

BBQ had a great holiday this past weekend, but I was slightly disappointed in the selection of Fourth of July clothing at the stores that I went to… of course, I really should have check JC Penny… There was a ton of cute, adorable dresses for all the little girls this year, but very little adorable boy’s clothing, so instead I made due by slapping my boy in a cute button down shirt and overalls that my brother and his girlfriend gave us for my baby shower.  (picture below) We spent the holiday with my family.  We watched people go tubing from a great seat on the boat, met some new friends (the girls that are at the camp next door every summer), and just enjoyed the beautiful weather. I can’t wait until next year when BBQ is 13 months old.Let’s see, what else is new.  BBQ and I went to my Mommy Bookclub meeting and he got to meet his newest (literally) friend, Claire.  Claire was due the same day as me, but instead of coming a week early, like BBQ, decided to come on June 19.  She’s absolutely adorable.  Other kids at Mommy Bookclub, include 3 little girls between the ages of 1 and 2.  Next time we’re hoping to meet another new friend who should be born anytime… he will be the only other little boy.

Today was a fun day for us.  We started off with a shower for BBQ and I.  He did really well and seemed really content in my arms.  I think we’ll bathe like that again.  It was the first time that he didn’t cry when I washed his hair (or what hair he has!)  My only concern with taking him in the shower was the slipping factor, but I had an easy way around that.  I wrapped him in a towel first and used that towel to wash him… we had another dry towel ready for when we were done.

After our shower, we went up to Burlington to go to BBQ’s first baseball game.  He slept through it for the most part, really only waking up in the middle to eat, but he did get to meet Champ.  Champ took some pictures with him and gave him a signed baseball card.  Champ seemed to really like Mr. BBQ and I’m sure we’ll see more of him later this summer, like when BBQ comes with Mommy onto the field while she sings the National Anthem.  I’m sure he’ll continue to mostly sleep through games this year, but I can’t wait to see how he likes Champ next year!

Quentin sleeping on the 4th of July in his cute outfit.

Is he kissing him... or eating his head?

Quentin and his signed card...


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