Since turning 6 weeks we’ve been busy hitting fun milestones… At 6 weeks we started seeing real smiles coming from BBQ.  Then last week I grabbed the shots above while waiting for a friend to show up and have a little play date with his friend, Teddy.

I also was excited to share a pool with my little man on July 20 at Aunt Chass and Uncle Bryan’s house.  BBQ was a little wary at first, but ended up doing a great job.  He let me put him in up to his neck after about 5 minutes.  We got out shortly after. We went in twice that day and I didn’t get a picture with BBQ and I at that time.  I did get a picture of him with his Daddy that night though… we only brought him in for a second though, because it was starting to get cooler with a breeze.  The picture wasn’t the best, but it was his first day in the pool.

Pool time with Daddy!

BBQ has been having some fun time with his older cousin.  His cousin has been giving him toys to play with including sunglasses and other of his toys. I can’t wait until BBQ is old enough to play with his cousins.  They are going to have so much fun together. Below is the sunglasses shot.

Mr. Cool

Other new events in the past weeks has been BBQ’s first stay in a hotel and his first trip over to visit Grandma Pat and Uncle Andrew on the other side of the state.  It was really hot and Mr. BBQ is not a huge fan of the 90 degree weather we had during our trip, but we cooled off in the outdoor pool at the Inn and enjoyed some fun family time with his Daddy’s side of the family.  I’m really glad we decided  to make the trip, despite the heat, because we really want him to know both sides of the family really well.  BBQ did great during our trip, he slept in his pack’n’play and the hotel room stayed at a very comfortable temperature at night than he could have had even here at home. Also, he looked really cute when we placed him on the giant bed.  He looked so tiny! One of the best parts of the Inn was swimming in the pool. Because it was heated, it was a perfect temperature for Mr. BBQ.  There were no tears at all and he looked so cute in his new swim diaper.

Grandma Pat!

BBQ vs. The King Bed

Swimming with Mommy!

Our last bit of news from the past few weeks was that today (July 29)  BBQ turned all by himself from his belly to his back.  He did it twice today, once with no video of  him (but a still picture part way through) and once with a video of him from halfway through.  He certainly isn’t smooth yet, but he did it!  We were so proud! We’ll have to keep the tummy time up so that he can keep up the practice and get better and better as quick as possible!

Tummy time rolling!




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