2 Months Already!

2 Months!

I can’t believe that 2 months have passed already!  On August 1, my little guy turned 2 months old and boy is he getting big!  He doesn’t actually have his 2 month appointment until the 16th at 2.5 months, but he has been weighed down at Grandma’s and he is over 11 lbs.  I’d like to see him reach about 12 by his big appt.

His 2 month picture from above is in the chair that Aunt Liz and Uncle Andy sent up from Maryland. (Note: They are honorary Aunt and Uncle, but just as important.) I plan on using this chair for other months as well.  Also, starting in September, I will be also taking monthly shots for Quentin’s cousin Oliver, as I will be watching him during the week.

What else is new?Well, on the 2nd, Mr. BBQ, Daddy, and I went on a cruise on Lake Champlain on the Spirit of Ethan Allen to celebrate 3 years marriage for BBQ’s Daddy and I.  We had a lovely time and BBQ seemed to sleep through the majority of it.

BBQ is also becoming quite the piggy… he’s going to eat us out of house and home!

In other news Daddy has finished the Chronicles of Prydain and is now reading Stuart Little to BBQ… What should he read him next?

All Smiles!

With Mommy on the Spirit of Ethan Allen III

From the 2 Month shoot.


From the 2 month shoot


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