4 Months!

4 months old!

Wow! He’s already four months old.  He’s grown so much this month.  He’s starting to grab at things and I’m pretty sure that he’s starting to teeth. He enjoys choosing on one of his teething rings (gift from Aunt Liz and Uncle Andy), he’s always got his fingers in his mouth, and he’s starting to drool when he never did before. I’ll be keeping an eye out for future teeth.

We don’t have a doctor’s appointment for a couple of weeks yet.  He’ll be getting more shots and we’ll find out how much he’s grown in the two months since his last appointment.  He’s a small baby, still fitting into 3 month clothing, but very proportional, he’s even getting a bit of chunky cheek syndrome.

We’re still babysitting Oliver every day during the week and we’re having a fun time.  How lucky am I to get to know Oliver so well, and to be able to stay home with my son? Very lucky.

Other new things this month: Quentin now sits and plays in his exersaucer and jumperoo, he is starting to really grab at things, and he’s able to sit up with support.  Next on the developmental list: sitting by himself, rolling from back to front, and solids! We’ve already bought some cereal for him for when the time comes.

This past month Quentin has also gone on his first photowalk with Mommy, had pictures taken with Oliver when he turned 6 months old, was babysat for the first time by Grandma while Mommy and Daddy went out to eat together to celebrate 10 years of dating, and most importantly, he got baptized.  We threw him a party at our house complete with cupcakes with crosses on them.

On to next month! (hopefully with an update or two in the process!)

Now for some pictures.

Quentin, Daddy, Mommy, and Godparents (Aunt Chass and Uncle Bryan)


Grandma babysat me, I wasn't as sad as I look.

Oliver and Quentin!

I found my feet this month!

Daddy and Quentin match!

Quentin in his hat made by Talia!

4 months and all smiles!

Mommy and Quentin

This is what happens when Mommy asks Daddy to watch Quentin in the morning.

Look how much I've grown!


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  1. I love how that sign implies Charlie is a “Ragin’ Cajun”.

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