Into a new world…

Fall is here...

We have entered a new world today. The world of cloth diapering.  This past weekend my good friend, shortly after hearing me speak of wishing to try cloth diapers, pulled out her daughters old diapers and offered them to me to try.  Awesome.  I’ve certainly got a bit of a learning curve with these and Quentin has to get used to feeling a bit wet at first, but the first day was a success, if you can call not getting a picture of his fluffy butt a success. Tonight he sleeps in disposables, because I’m not ready to take that nighttime leap yet. However, I have diapers all set for tomorrow and in the evening I will do my first load of wash.  If these work out we’ll be buying our own soon!

In other news, my little man had his first sore throat.  He was screaming so much that I ended up taking him to the doctor (before I found out that his little throat was sore) to solve the mystery of the screaming baby.  He’s feeling much better now, but it was bothering him so much that he ended up sleeping with me one night because it was the only way he would sleep.

Tonight, we put him to bed and got him to fall asleep on his own… I hope that keeps up… I’ll be back soon with a doctor’s office update!


~ by littleredcera on October 16, 2011.

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