And so it goes…

Fluffy Butt!

Well then… So far cloth diapering is a success.  I’m still getting used to it though and his clothes have gotten a little wet every once in awhile.  It’s harder to tell when he needs a change. Tomorrow I go to a store and hope to find some new cloth diapers so I can start my own stash and so I can eventually return the diapers that I borrowed, especially since I don’t want BBQ to stain the diapers too badly.  If they were mine, I wouldn’t care, but they’re not. Yesterday, Mr. BBQ was in a matchy-matchy outfit.  Everything he was wearing had frogs on it, with the exception on his socks… even his diaper, see above.  Then he went to bed in froggy pajamas.

Today, Mr. Oliver turned the big 7 months, and we took pictures of the boys to celebrate. It was fun.  Oliver, who has been quite sick, was feeling much better and my mom and I brought them to the park.  We also took pictures at the house with a 50mm lens that my friend let me borrow to play with.  I would love more lenses to play with and take pictures of my favorite boys.  More pictures are below.

At the park

Playing with the "nifty fifty".

Best Friends


~ by littleredcera on October 19, 2011.

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