So excited!

Quentin has reached another milestone today.  While I was playing with him this morning (and taking pictures) I looked away to look at a picture on my camera and turned back just in time to see him finish rolling over… Of course, he’s rolled over before, but he was always on an incline and just used gravity… so I put him back on his back and he did it again… so I took out my camera and took a video.  My boy has been rolling belly to back for months now but now he can officially roll from his back to his belly!

Pictures and video below!

Of course, diaper changes and dressing has just gotten much, much harder, (I had to dress him after he rolled over and it wasn’t easy.) but I’m very excited.  I love my little man so much! I love how he’s growing and changing!

I can roll!

Also, we still enjoy reading with Quentin a lot.  He likes comics because of all the pictures!

I love to read!!


~ by littleredcera on October 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “So excited!”

  1. Man, he ATTACKED that towel!

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