Oh, What a Month!

6 months and loving it!

My little man is now over 6 months old. (Picture above taken on the 1st). As I mentioned in my last entry, he popped out a tooth on the 2nd day of the month. On the 28th on November he cut his second tooth, making his smile even more adorable.  I haven’t managed to get a good shot of them because he tends to hang out with his tongue sticking out of his mouth now.  Goofy kid. Of course, it’s not just that his tongue is hanging out.  He’s really upped his “talking”.  He babbles for 10 minutes easy and has babble conversations with his cousin Oliver.  Soon he’ll say his first word.  I hope it’s “mama”, but from his babbles, I’m guessing it will be “dada.”  Charlie will love that!In the past month, Little Q has enjoyed two Thanksgivings (one with my family and one across the state with Charlie’s family) and has become quite the little model for me.  He now laughs when I laugh, which makes me laugh, which just perpetuates the cycle. He makes me so happy.

We’ve started to take away his pacifier now.  He sucks his thumb, so he can use that.  Sometimes when he’s upset though he can’t find his thumb. We’ve also pretty much stopped breastfeeding, which makes me a little sad, but we made it to 6 months, so I’m pretty happy.  I hope to go further with our next child.

Quentin goes to the doctor on this coming Tuesday for a weigh-in and his 6 month shots.  He’s starting to get some small, but adorable rolls (still skinny compared to others though).  I’m hoping he made a nice gain.  He had been dropping on the curves, so I’d like him to stay on his curve or pop back up one, if he can.  He’s a little piggy so I wouldn’t be surprised.  Another update will come in a couple of days.

We also attended a tree lighting ceremony in our town and Quentin got to play in some Christmas lights. He loved them so we put a string of them over the window in his bedroom.

On to the month’s pictures!

Our Family on Thanksgiving!

Quentin and Daddy at the Tree Lighting

Like Mommy, like son.

Quentin's first ornament

Quentin's first ornament

The family ornament for 2011

Quentin's first tree

In front of the tree.

My favorite gift this year.

My newest favorite picture!


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