10 Months Old!

10 Months Old!!

Well then, welcome to 10 months, Mr. Q! We started off his 10 month “birthday” weekend (March 31st) with a trip over to Daddy’s side of the state to visit Nana.  Nana’s birthday was on the April 1st and this was a great chance to visit with her.  While we were there Mr. Q stood up from sitting at his stand-up activity center.  Nana was so excited that he chose that weekend to have a first.   Since the 31st he has done it 4 more times.  Yay Quentin!During our trip Quentin was a little sick and was running a fever, but that didn’t stop us from having a ton of fun.  We got to go swimming again in the pool.  There were a lot of kids there though and he wasn’t quite sure what to make of all the noise.  Next time we go we’re hoping for really warm weather so we can go swimming in the outdoor pool at the other hotel instead.  The outdoor pool is nicer and doesn’t echo if there are a few kids running and splashing about.

Since we’ve been home from Maryland, Quentin has been perfecting his army crawl.  He’s now quite fast, although not quite as fast as the traditional crawler Oliver.  He’s been continuing to talk up a storm and is getting really good at mimicking sounds. Will we have an early talker? Time will tell.

On March 30 we thought Quentin might have sat up on his own, while we were chatting with a friend, but he hadn’t done it since, so we didn’t really think anything of it.  We haven’t lowered the crib yet, but since he pulled himself up, we decided to lower it this weekend.  We made the comment yesterday that it was important, but not too time sensitive since he couldn’t sit himself up…

Big Mistake!

I walked in after his nap today to find him sitting in his crib.  Good-bye easy to reach in crib! Quentin is a big boy now!

Since I last wrote Quentin has had more sugar than a less than one year old should, but… it was all for good reasons.  Quentin got his first real taste of cake on March 18th when Oliver celebrated his 1st birthday.  We had a lot of fun playing with Oliver’s new toys, snuggling with family members, and stealing a fistful of Daddy’s cupcake.  Charlie gave Quentin a nibble of his cupcake and was holding it out while talking to the other guests when Quentin darted his hand out, grabbed a fistful and shoved it in his mouth.  That’s my boy. The next day we celebrated Oliver’s actual birthday with Oliver, Aunt Chass, and Uncle Bryan.  Mommy and Quentin met them down in Burlington and went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant.  Quentin found out that he really likes Quesadilla.

On March 20th we went over to Quentin and Oliver’s friend Lilly’s house for her first birthday party.  We all shared that cake and had fun playing with even more unfamiliar toys.  I’m surrounded by pigs everyday.

We played it healthy for awhile until we traveled over to Nana’s for her birthday.  Quentin ate two and a half mini cupcake-cookies.  Two and a half only because the dog grabbed half a cookie from Quentin when he wasn’t looking.  Poor Quentin was so upset! He does love his Uncle Milo dog though.  One the first of the month Quentin finally got to meet his Uncle George.  Uncle George was so overwhelmed when he met him.  He couldn’t believe how awesome Mr. Q was.

All in all, it was a good month.  I can’t believe it’s only 2 more months until Quentin’s first birthday!

Oliver's Birthday!

Eating cupcakes!

After Swimming!

Sharing with Nana!

Big smiles!

So regal!

Mommy and her boy!


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