11 (plus some) Months old!

11 months and feelin’ fine.

So, I kept meaning to write this post, but I’ve been dreadfully busy (and lazy). However, I did get Quentin’s picture done on time. Quentin had a very busy month and a half.  We had birthday parties, Easter, and other fun events! Quentin got to go to birthday parties for his Grandma, cousin Nya, cousin Isaac, friend Kodi, and his Great-Uncle Pete.  He celebrated his first Easter with his very own baby-sized Easter egg hunt.  Inside each egg was fruity cheerios or goldfish.  He found 6 eggs and ate what was inside each one before moving onto the next.

Found one, Mommy!

Here’s another one!

Another big milestone was his first haircut. He did such a good job.  He sat on Daddy’s lap while Miss Katie cut his hair.  He danced and sang through most of it, only fussing a little bit near the end when Katie buzzed around his neck and his ears.  He even got a sticker at the end of it all! Miss Katie presented me with a certificate at the end announcing the fact that he had graduated from babyhood. Quentin’s barbershop is the same barbershop that his Papa, Uncle Bryan, Elliot, and Oliver go to.  It’s run by Miss Katie and her Dad. In addition to his first haircut, he also got to go to his first Maple Festival.  He was unsure of all the people, but really liked listening to the Big Band play.

Miss Katie at work!

His new look!

Quentin is continuing to work hard on his skills. He army crawls like a soldier and can get across the floor in a fraction of the time it used to take him.  He’s also starting to get up on his hands and knees consistently and even crawl the traditional way a little bit. He now pulls himself to standing really well, which is a problem when it comes to getting him to sleep, because once he’s standing he is up for awhile.  Today Quentin and Oliver actually ate their lunch at a low end table standing up.  They shared their meals. Speaking of which, the boys are really starting to interact with meaning now. They try to feed each other and play peek-a-boo.  They smile and laugh when they see each other and get into fights when the other is in their way.  Quentin goes the route of screaming his head off until I intervene and Oliver likes to grab Quentin’s hand and try to bite him.  They keep my hands full.

Having fun together!

So for the last few weeks I have been exhausted because Quentin started waking up in the middle of the night and not going back to sleep or having extremely restless and only if he’s in my arms sleep.  We found out yesterday why he’s been having such a tough time and he’s back to sleeping better now.  He cut his first two molars and I first saw them yesterday.  It’s crazy seeing how old he looks now.  This month I’ve really started to notice that he’s lost a lot of his baby face and it has been replaced by an equally adorable toddler face.  Of course, while he’s not walking yet, he is cruising and he’s stood on his own for a few seconds at a time.  I wonder when he’s going to actually take those first big steps.

Other fun this for Quentin in that last month and a half include feeling the lake for the first time this year, playing on a riding cart at Grandma’s, getting introduce to grass (he’s still unsure about it, but doesn’t scream when he touches it like he did the first time we pot him on the grass),  playing outside, watching Daddy mow the lawn, and trying lots more new foods (he especially likes rhubarb). Quentin also realized that Grandma is probably his favorite person in the world and will turn me down in a second if Grandma is nearby.  My mom loves this.

Fun stuff coming up: a trip to Jay Peak’s Pump House where we can swim all day for Aunt Chass’ birthday, swimming in the lake, walking, seeing Mommy in a play, getting put to bed by Daddy more often because of rehearsals, going on Grandma and Papa’s boat, playdates,  learning more, and most importantly… his first birthday on June 1.

Quentin’s first year is almost over now.  In a week and a half he turns one.  I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. My next post (hopefully more prompt than this one will be after his first birthday party.  I can’t wait to see him dig into his cake and for him to see all of his little friends.


Quentin and Grandma

Mommy and Quentin

Daddy and Quentin

Driving the “Hot Dog Truck” at the mall.

Touching the cold lake water.

“I’m precious”

The boys outside.

“I’m cute and I know it.”



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