8 Months or 2/3rds of a year!

8 Months Old!

My boy has made it to 8 months.  Yay!  He’s getting so big.  This month he’s starting to feel more solid, so he’s definitely gaining some weight. We don’t get an official weight check until next month though.  Quentin is a lot more solid as a sitter now.  I still usually keep pillows behind him because he forgets that he shouldn’t throw himself down.  He loves just sitting and playing.  He also loves to watch his Daddy juggle for him.  Just yesterday he was trying to juggle by moving his hands up and down.  Unfortunately, by the time I got out the camera, he wasn’t doing it as well as before, but isn’t that always the way.

This past month has brought us some new experiences.  Quentin got to go out for his first sled ride (he wasn’t really a fan). We bundled him up on a weekend and made the short trek to the city park.  He made it to the bottom of the street in the sled and was in our arms the rest of the way.  We really haven’t had much snow this year, so we really haven’t had a chance to try it again… which is a shame. Quentin has started eating “real” food this month.  He’s  had egg, pancakes, toast, and a variety of meals that Charlie and I are eating.  It’s fun to have him join us eating the dinner we’re eating now.  Although I need a better mini food processor to chop up the foods that he can’t eat on his own.

Another fun experience for this month is going to work with Mommy.  I am back to work, one day a week for two hours teaching Lego Robotics to a few 5th and 6th grade students.  Quentin comes with me and makes everyone happy.  My students are great with him and he has a lot of fun seeing all the awesome people at work.  I’m so lucky to be able to take him with me.  Good thing he’s such an awesome baby.

This past weekend Quentin got a chance to help raise money from Breast Cancer Research for the Vermont Cancer Center (VCC).  He went to the Strides Against Cancer hockey events at UVM and helped to get many people over to the VCC booth to get people to buy raffle tickets for a beautiful quilt and to donate to the center.  Daddy was working the booth and Quentin even wore his pink polo shirt in support of Breast Cancer Research.

This past month Quentin also experienced his first, and hopefully last, house fire.  I decided to make some Onion Rings and accidentally started a grease fire.  Quentin was awesome. He only cried when Daddy stopped playing with him to help me.  We left the house and saw some neat red lights and some firemen.  The neighbors then brought us over to their house until the firemen were done. While we were there Quentin got to play with their grandson’s toys.  He had a fun time, even if I felt silly for starting the fire.

This month Quentin also got to get to know a special new friend.  She even spent the weekend with us.  Our friend got a new dog named Morgan and Quentin got to hang out with her and pet her.  The shelter said that she shouldn’t go to a home with Children, but she was nothing but calm and gentle with Quentin. Of course, we didn’t let the dog be alone with Quentin, but that’s a general safety rule for any dog as they can be unpredictable with small children.  We hope to have her visit again soon!

What’s new with his development this past month? Well, last week Quentin’s third tooth finally broke through his gums. So he officially has three teeth.  Number four is on its way.  His second top tooth is showing signs of arriving.  We’ll see how long that will take.  Quentin is also starting to move himself backwards.  He has moved himself forward a couple times, but it’s not quite a crawl yet.  I’m sure he’ll be all over the place soon. He’s talking more too.  He has Mama, Dada, Papa, and he put together Ny and ah… to make the name Nya.  My niece would be proud, even if he wasn’t actually talking about her.  He gets intonation right sometimes and we think we hear words even when he’s not actually saying them.  We’ve heard “Dental Plan” from this sketch and “Music Please.”

And now for some pictures!

My little Giants fan posing.

Mommy and Quentin outside!

Meeting Morgan!

Sleeping with Daddy!

At Mommy's work!

Til next time!


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